Structural Engineering Services


Structural design is undoubtedly the backbone of industrial infrastructure design. The leaps in technology, architecture, and civil engineering in the past decades have aided us to design an extensive range of structures that will withstand the demands placed upon them while being aesthetically pleasing.


  • Provision of Structural Design (RCC and Steel design) drawings for residential, commercial, hospital, institutional, IT, and industrial buildings based on Architectural layout drawings.
  • Design of Pile, Raft, and isolated Footing foundation for RCC and Steel Structures.
  • Provision of Pre Engineered Building (PEB) design and drawings for large-span steel structures.
  • Provision of Design and Layout for Liquid retaining structures.
  • Provision of design and drawings for Sewage Treatment Plants and structural drawings for execution.
Structural Engineering Ddesign
Project Managment Consultancy
Design Project Management Consultancy (DPMC)


Assist client in bringing on board the technical team (consultants) Architects, Structural & MEP consultants, landscape architects, specialized consultants for lighting, façade, green building, MoEF EC, traffic, survey, geotechnical investigation, rock mapping, hydrology, an interior designer in consultation with the client.


  • Evaluation of Contractor & Sub Contractor
  • Technical Evaluation of Long Lead Items.
  • Review, Monitor of Contractor, Sub Contractor's Planning & Schedule.
  • Interface Management.
  • Interface with Authorities.
  •  The importance is given to controlling wastages, which eventually result in reducing the project cost.


Retrofitting Works


Substantial investments are made towards civil infrastructure; these infrastructures are the lifeline of growth and are needed to be either protected/preserved, extend the life of a given structure, or to enhanxce performance parameters, from both strength and serviceability criteria, on a need-based approach.



Retrofitting Works
MEP, PHE, HVSC Services


Design is undoubtedly the backbone of industrial infrastructure design. The leaps in technology, architecture, and civil engineering in the past decades have aided us to design an extensive range of structures that will withstand the demands placed upon it while being aesthetically pleasing.


  • Water supply system
  • Water pumping and distribution
  • Rainwater harvesting & recharging
  • Water Treatment plant design
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Water metering & billing system
  • The solar hot water system
  • The centralised hot water generation system
MEP, PHE, HVSC Services
Peer Review


Construction/Design documents that have not undergone peer review are likely to be regarded with suspicion by professionals in many fields. Even refereed documents, however, can contain errors.

We review documents/drawings that are prepared for before submission to the site, and in some instances are published, and are responsible for commentary to the effect of suggesting, or advising, the designer, although the designer is always responsible for the content of each piece of work..


Study the architectural drawings,plans, elevations. Study the soil investigation report, recommended SBC, review the report for technical matters. Review the DBRs provided by the consultants. Review the schematics provided by the consultants Review the Bo0 and estimate provided by the consultants Review and compare the design with the standard design practices and checking the compliance with the respective codes.

Peer Review


We have vast experience in construction, depth of data, a wide network of housing industry experts, exceptional customer service and dedicated local teams allow us to supply unsurpassed construction and post-construction services for a few of the foremost complex projects.

Our pledge to our clients is to supply construction services at the very best levels of integrity, safety and quality.

Our verticals of construction include Industrial & Manufacturing, Commercial & Offices, Healthcare, Warehousing & Logistics, Education & Institutions, Residential and non-secular.

Construction Work

Our Projects

Our Projects
Our Projects

Venkatesh Reddy Villa 

IT Building @ Aerospace Techpark

Kedhar Residency 

Our Projects
Satish Residency
Our Projects

Residential Villa

P-18 Apartment

Residental Villa

Satish Residency

Bindhu Residency
Convention Centre
Function Hall

Function Hall

Bindhu Residency

Convention Centre

Rera Services


The project will be proposed with a structural system suitable to the architecture, functional requirement, budget, and location. After preliminary sizing of various structural members, a computer model of the structural frame of the building is generated for carrying out computer analysis for the effects of vertical and lateral load that are likely to be imposed on the structure.

What is RERA ?

RERA is an abbreviation of the Real Estate Regulation Act, which is formulated by the Central Govt. to safeguard the interest of homebuyers in India. 

• RERA stipulates the way the real estate projects are being carried out in India by way of rules and regulations. 
• The developers who are carrying out the business need to adhere to the rules prescribed in the RERA act.
• To regulate the sale of real estate (plots/projects/built-up property) Leasing  exempted
• To regulate real estate projects, developers, agents, and allottees
• To promote efficiency and transparency in real estate 
• To ensure timely completion of projects and prevent delays
• To ensure greater accountability towards consumers

• To significantly reduce frauds 
• To ensure speedy redressal of real estate disputes.


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